HealthDesk OnDemand (Hospital Management System) is a product developed by HR Software Solutions Private Limited (HRSS), and a leading Integrated Professional Systems with more experience in product Software development.

Key Features

  • Module-wise Design: This helps to implement modules in a selective & stand alone manner. This helps our clients to have cost effective solution.
  • Complete Integrated Solution: Complete Business Process of Hospital is mapped, enabling the Management to have complete tab on the process.
  • Architecture & Design: Robust Architecture & Design, very flexible and high scalable.
  • Cost Effective: Highly reliable and very much affordable Solution, addressing all the business areas of Hospital Management.
  • Message alert on mobile
  • User defined authorizations for different user groups
  • Customizable reports as per user requirements
  • Online appointment facility via internet user from anywhere
  • Automatic Database Backup facility
  • Existing patient and accounting data can be easily converted into this system

Benefits for Hospital:

  • Management Information System.
  • Common platform for Patient, Doctor, Nurse and Management.
  • Simple and easy to implement and maintenance free environment.
  • HealthDesk OnDemand- Web based ERP Solution.
  • Inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability. Complete system will be available online & offline with centralized data processing.
  • Multiple Branches can be connected to each other through common centralized server.
  • It provides Administrator to give permissions as read, write, modify, print to users or group of users on a particular form/module.
  • It provides a facility to automatically prepare all types of bill & reports (OPD , IPD, Discharge etc) SMS & E-mail Alert System.