Bed Management

Whenever it’s due to planned and emergency admissions or discharges and transfers between ward areas, bed occupancy is one of the most challenging areas within a hospital to manage effectively. Our Bed Management system helps to tackle these challenges. Providing you with real-time bed status information, and deal with capacity issues quickly by highlighting over and under allocated wards on a hospital means you can make more potential information to management and care decisions.

Giving wards and hospitals a real-time update of thier bed management

  • Our Bed Management system brings together key patient flow principles to provide a real-time bed status.
  • HealthDesk helps you to proactively manage bed occupancy and deal with crisis and seasonal pressures.
  • HealthDesk supports real-time maintaing of Admission, Discharge and Transfer and automatically updates in the system.
  • This ensures that, at ward and hospital level, bed information is accurate and timely.

Provide an improved discharge process, reducing lengths of stay in hospital for patients

  • By having a real-time view of bed blocks, discharge dependencies and bed availability, you can move patients through their care pathway quickly and efficiently.
  • You can reduce administration for staff by removing the need to check paper-based bed charts.
  • Having a more efficient discharge process through real-time allocation and pre-allocation means that lengths of stay are reduced for patients.

Giving you peace of mind

  • By showing both available and occupied beds, bed and patient status data provide the information you need to make more informed decisions on patient movements.
  • Our business intelligence reporting solution can provide management with detailed reporting and analysis of bed capacity in an easy-to-use graphical dashboard view.


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